Painting Pros

Last summer, for our company’s summer picnic, all of our employees participated in a group painting activity with Paint Monkey. When it was all finished, we created 3 beautiful murals that depicted our company culture. One of the murals is a 20 piece painting of our beautiful William Penn Snyder building that stunningly depicts the old merging with the new.

We were lucky enough to be able to partner with WTAE for the second time to produce an innovative and creative commercial.  This commercial is meant to convey our commitment to teamwork and collaboration with our employees, our clients, and our community.

“Teamwork allows the individual to thrive and the pieces to come together for a collaborative effort to achieving a healthier business and community.  Babb WellAdvised, keeping you WellAdvised on, off, and after the job.”

You can catch our commercial airing now on WTAE.