Day of Clean Up 2017

This morning, our employees were fortunate enough to be able to help our friends at Allegheny West clean up our neighborhood again.  About 20 employees took time out of their busy day to help pull weeds, dig up plants, and plant new flowers in the garden at the corner of Western and Brighton Roads.  For three hours we worked tirelessly to create a welcoming and beautiful garden area.

Babb Gives Back is a community outreach program that allows our employees to get involved with our local community.  The Day of Clean Up with Allegheny West began three years ago and has continued to be successful.  Giving back to our community and local non-profits is important to us.  The positive impact this program has on the lives of others and our employees is something we feel passionate about and will continue to keep giving back.


Classic Cars with a Twist

This past Saturday was an exciting day for Babb, Inc. as we helped sponsor Allegheny West’s Car Show, “Alleys, Axles, and Ales”; a self-guided tour through the back streets and alleys of our neighborhood.

At each garage on the tour, the owners would exhibit their classic automobiles and provide a sampling of beer from local breweries (Penn Brewery, East End Brewing, and War Street Brewery) and plenty of shop talk.  There were so many amazing cars to see from vintage Mustangs and Firebirds, to a newer Mercedes CLS and Corvettes.  One owner was rebuilding his 1969 Maserati Mistral Spyder that he has owned for over 40 years.  Another great surprise was from SMARTSolution Technologies’ owner, Mitchell Schwartz, who displayed a classic 1979 Airstream Motorhome that he allowed visitors to explore.

At our building, the Blitzburgh Hideaway, where we usually host tailgate parties, was open to visitors.  Within Blitzburgh, we had a 1956 Bentley with original paint and built in picnic tables, on display.  Funny enough, the owner used to display a jar of Grey Poupon on one of the picnic tables. Attendees of the event were welcome to bring their own classic car and park in our parking lot. Hott Dawgz set up shop in the back of the lot and provided excellent food for the event.

The event was a new one for Allegheny West, but was received well by the guests and volunteers. We hope to be part of it again!

Babb Gives Back: Day of Cleanup

Today, Babb, Inc., in partnership with Allegheny West, participated in a Day of Clean Up in our neighborhood. A group of Babb employers got down and dirty to beautify a section of our neighborhood.  Some weeded and planted in a small community garden, others weeded and laid mulch in the tree wells that line Western Avenue, and another small group cleared an overgrown sidewalk.  Over the three hours that we were out in the gorgeous summer weather, we were able to totally makeover the area.

Babb Gives Back is Babb, Inc.’s community outreach program. Not only do we help our non-profit clients, but we strive to get involved with our community, Allegheny West.  It also gives our employees ample volunteer opportunities.  Over the last 5 years, we have been able to help over 100 non-profits.  Babb Inc., places a strong value on giving back to the community which is why our Day of Clean Up with Allegheny West has been such a big hit with employees.  These opportunities allow us here at Babb to have a positive impact in the lives of others and our local community, which is something we feel extraordinarily passionate about.

Allegheny West

At Babb, Inc. we are fortunate enough to get to work in a historic building located in Pittsburgh’s smallest neighborhood, Allegheny West. The building is the former William Penn Snyder Mansion on Millionaire’s Row.  Fortunately, much of our neighborhood has been restored and is beginning to return to its former glory.

Native American tribes took up most of the area that we know as Allegheny West until the late 18th century, around Revolutionary War times.  In 1787, David Redick did a survey of the land so it could be split up into lots that would then be given to soldiers as part of their payment for fighting in the Revolution.  It wasn’t until 1846 that the first streets and home lots began to be laid out and built.

In the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, Pittsburgh was home to a large percentage of America’s millionaires. These men flocked to Allegheny West to build their homes, which were extraordinary mansions along Ridge and Irwin Avenues.  Ridge Avenue became known as “Millionaire’s Row”, and many of the leading industrialists lived there, including William Penn Snyder.  Many of these men made their fortunes in the iron and steel industry, but many other professionals flocked to the neighborhood as well, including lawyers, doctors, well-to-do merchants, and bankers.

After World War I, Allegheny West began to see a mass exodus of home owners. These families moved to Sewickley, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill, allowing their beautiful homes to waste away into disrepair.  After the Second World War, many of the buildings became completely abandoned and began to fall apart.

During the 1960s numerous mansions were torn down to make way for the Community College of Allegheny County’s central campus. In response, the Allegheny West Civic Council was formed in order to begin a revitalization of the Allegheny West Neighborhood.  By the 1970s, the older homes began to be bought and renovated.  This spurred the Council to create the Old Allegheny Victorian Christmas House Tour and Home and Garden Tour to show off the magnificent Victorian architecture that prevails throughout the entire neighborhood.  This past year, Babb, Inc. was honored to be featured as a house on the tour.

We are so proud to be a part of this wonderful neighborhood and the lengths that Allegheny West’s council goes to for the survival of our neighborhood.


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