Are you in a Resolution Rut?

It seems only yesterday we were all making grand resolutions to lose weight, eat better, be nicer, save more money, or stop smoking.  But, by this point in the journey, stats tell us that of those who made resolutions on January 1st, more than half of them will already be over.

Have you already given up or lost hope?  Don’t worry, you can still get yourself back on track.

Make specific goals.  Instead of saying you want to read more, make a specific goal to read 1 new book per month.  If you want to give up smoking, understand that by cutting back gradually, you will learn to better control your cravings, so start by smoking only half of what you normally would a day.  By setting these specific objectives, you aren’t just meeting and exceeding your resolution, you are creating a lifestyle change.

Stop worrying about losing weight and prioritize getting healthy.  Instead of focusing on weight loss, put your energy into creating a fitness routine that you like and will want to do.  Figure out which healthy foods you enjoy and find interesting and tasty new ways to eat them so you don’t get bored.  You will lose the weight, but even better, you will create lifelong healthy habits.

Track what you spend.  If your resolution was to try to spend less and save more, tracking every dollar you spend will help you better budget your funds.  There are so many financial apps, like Mint, that make it easier than ever before to link you bank accounts and credit cards, save, and monitor your money.  Automatic payroll deduction is a great way to put money into a 401k plan without having to worry about shuffling money around each month, allowing you to spend less while increasing your future savings.

Don’t burn yourself out.  Slow and steady wins the race.  By starting small, you have somewhere to go and can maintain continuity within your goals.  Going too hard too fast will eventually burn you out and you will most likely give up on your goals and yourself.  By taking it slow and gradually increasing your workout, your healthy eating, saving, etc. you will be able to make a change that will last a lifetime.

Focus on the positives.  You are your own worst enemy and harshest critic.  By focusing on the positives accomplishments that you achieve, you will start to believe in yourself, create a better body image, increase your self-esteem, and feel like you can take on the world.


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