Online Eyeglass Outlets

Are you looking for stylish eyewear but either can’t or don’t want to pay eye retailer prices?  Don’t worry because we have found 5 online eyewear brands that are revolutionizing the eyewear industry.  These brands are affordable, stylish, and committed to helping you find the best eyewear, whether that’s a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is the leading online eyewear brand revolutionizing the business.  Their goal was simple, to make affordable and chic eyeglasses.  They recognized that the industry is almost completely dominated by one single eyeglass maker that keeps prices high.  The solution?  By creating their eyeglasses in house, direct customer service, and constant evolving styles, they are able to offer customers a high-quality product at an affordable price.

They offer an at-home trial where you can order 5 pairs of frames to try on at home in order to decide which style and color you would like to purchase.  When you have made a decision, all you have to do is send them all back, for free, and order your prescription pair online.

The best part is that every pair of glasses they sell, they will donate a pair to someone in need of a pair of glasses.  So, you get a pair of stylish glasses at a cheap rate but you also help someone in need. That is a win-win situation.

Frames start at $95/pair

Zenni Optical

Born out of San Francisco, Zenni Optical was created by two scientists who believed that everyone deserves good looking eyewear that makes them feel good without breaking the bank.  They wanted to design glasses that were constantly evolving with the times that everyone from business professionals, fashionistas, children, and everyone in between would love.

Since the introduction of Zenni Optical in 2003, they have become a leader in the online eyeglass business.  They offer prescription glasses and sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, goggles, and more.  So really, anything you could want, you can get.

The tenets of their brand are:  to make it easy to buy glasses from the convenience of your smart phones and tablets, to create affordable eyewear that are fashionable for everyone around the world, provide high-quality lenses, and deliver the best customer service.

They have styles starting at $6.95 (+ additional costs for shipping and extras)


When Coastal’s journey began in 2000, they were an online shop that sold contacts.  They knew that they wanted to offer more though, so by 2010, they had launched their first exclusive collection of eyeglasses.  Since that first collection, Coastal has created collections designed by some inspiring talents that are constantly creating beautiful and functional designs.

They are on top of the latest trends in both design and technologies to provide their customers with the perfect fit.  They believe that “Everyone deserves better vision”, which is evident in their standard lenses which are 22% thinner than the basic lenses offered by traditional retailers.

They offer you free shipping, free returns, and customized customer service.  And don’t forget that they do offer a premium selection of contact lens brands.  Also, if you have any FSA or HSA dollars that need to be spent, they also accept those as well, which is great if you don’t have the option to use them anywhere else.

Styles start at $35


Founded in 2005, EyeBuyDirect created a “vertically integrated business” plan that affords them the ability to provide their customers with the highest quality glasses at the most affordable prices.  They have a huge selection of eyeglass brands at the lowest possible prices.

Similarly to other online eyeglass brands, they are dedicated to supporting the billions of people around the world who are in need of proper vision care.  Through their 2.5 Billion Initiative, they provide donations to important non-profit organizations.  Your business helps to bring vision care to the needy around the world.

They provide their customers a 14 day guarantee that the fit and the style are exactly what you are comfortable with.  This includes free replacement and free shipping.

Frames start at $6

Made Eyewear

Made Eyewear sources the best acetates to create eyeglasses of the highest quality.  Their goal is to provide you with affordable and trendy glasses of quality, straight to your door.  They strive to provide options that rival the most expensive eyeglass brands out there in the market.

They employ a staff that is highly trained and skilled at design and production.  These employees have many years in the optical industry.  Most importantly they did their research in what the industry was missing and what was needed.  By traveling the world, they were able to find new materials and processes that would create the best product.

Glasses starting from $149

If you have any questions, all of these companies provide great customer service and are willing to talk to you about your needs and wants.


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