New Year, New Resolutions

It’s 2017! And with a new year comes new personal goals and challenges. Haven’t decided on a New Year’s resolution? Why not try one of the 7 we’ve listed below?

Learn a new language

Learning a new language can seem daunting and is certainly a challenge but thanks to technology, anyone can practice and learn the basics to another language. Our Marketing Manager, Kaylee Kirsch, has been using the Pittsburgh based app Duolingo to learn Spanish. Although she’s nowhere near fluent (and probably won’t be anytime soon), she can string together simple phrases. The free app boasts over 15 different languages for users to pick from. Users only need five to ten minutes a day to practice and the app’s game-like structure makes it fun and easy to use.


For 2017, resolve to unleash your inner wanderlust. Traveling gives you a new perspective. It opens your eyes to different cultures, gives us new experiences and memories, and teaches us a little more about ourselves. Don’t have the money for a cross country excursion or a week’s stay in Europe? Search online for inexpensive weekend getaways in your area. In some areas you can take a weekend trip for a couple hundred dollars.

Pay off debt

If your goal for 2017 is to pay off debt, now is the time to create a budget for the New Year. Budgeting will allow you to see what you are spending within a certain time frame. You’ll be better able to recognize which spending habits you can cut out of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Other tips for paying off debt: first pay off whichever credit card has the highest interest rate, pay more than the minimum, and halt your credit card spending entirely.

Hit the gym

Most people set a goal of getting in shape at the beginning of each year. To help keep this resolution alive throughout the year, set an actual goal that you are working towards such as running a 5k or beating a personal record. If you’re just starting out at the gym, set a realistic goal for incorporating it into your routine. For instance, going to the gym three days a week is often more realistic than trying to hit the gym six days a week. Once you are in a routine, you can add days to your schedule to challenge yourself. Also, don’t forget to add variety to your workouts. It not only helps you tone and lose weight by challenging your body but will also keep you interested in your workouts.

Rein in your diet

Another common resolution is to improve one’s diet. Eating right can be difficult. There’s portions to think about, nutrients, calories, fat, sugars, etc. There is also the issues associated with cost, feeling satisfied, time, and the social aspect of eating out. If eating healthy is a struggle, try incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can also try meatless Monday’s in an effort to eat healthier. Look for online recipes that offer fast, healthy meal options and of course, look out for quarterly posts to our blog from Registered Dietitian, Caroline West Passerrello, MS, RDN, LDN.

Reduce stress

Stress can have a negative impact on our health and well-being. Stress has been known to negatively affect people’s mental and physical health causing a wide range of issues from depression, weight gain, loss of sleep, and loss of appetite. If reducing stress is your goal, the Mayo Clinic recommends “daily practice of stress-reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, massage, tai chi or yoga. Many people manage stress through practicing mindfulness in meditation or being in nature.” Practicing these techniques overtime can help lower your stress and help improve your overall well-being.

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Bookworms around the world rejoice as each passing year scientists confirm to the world what book lovers have known for quite some time now, reading is good for your health. If your resolution is to cut down on screen time, you might want to pick up a book. Reading has been proven to help those struggling with depression, can help keep your mind sharp and help ward off Alzheimer’s disease, and can help to improve sleep.  So next time you’re looking to relax, open a book rather than turning the TV on. Looking for a good book to read? Check out the list of our employees’ favorite books.





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