The Importance of Sleep: How many hours are you getting?

By: Ashley Kirsch

To many, sleep is a valued part of the night. After a long day, many people look forward to a well-rested night of shut eye. Yet, there are many people that do not get enough rest each night and as a result, suffer from lack of sleep and sleeping disorders.

So, how many hours are you getting each night?

According to the American Psychological Association, most healthy adults need eight hours of sleep. This number may vary with some only needing six hours, and others needing close to ten hours to function at their best. The organization also states, “At least 40 million Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders and 60 percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more” (American Psychological Association, 2016).

However, hoping to sleep a certain number of hours each night might be easier said than done. There are several interferences that can arise and disrupt your sleep pattern.

Here are some helpful tips from the American Psychological Associacation to keep in mind before going to bed:

  • Keep a routine sleep schedule- Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up the next morning on a set schedule
  • Avoid eating and drinking caffeine before bed
  • Minimize nightly distractions, such as: light from cellphones, televisions, and computers
  • Reduce unnecessary noise distractions
  • Exercise regularly
  • Choose healthier food options throughout the day

It is important to know how many hours of sleep you are getting each night. Remember these tips when preparing for your next night’s sleep, and you will feel prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Ashley Kirsch
Babb, Inc. Marketing Intern
Slippery Rock University Public Relations Student



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