Organize your Desk Today

A few months ago we talked about what your desk says about you.  Now, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks to get your desk under control before the holidays.  Maybe you thrive better with a little chaos on your desk and we respect that, but there are ways to contain and control that chaos to help you better get your work done.

Get rid of the junk.  Take a little bit of time to purge your desk and office area of anything you do not want or need anymore.  Anything you haven’t used in a while, trinkets and plants that are broken or you don’t really care about, anything covered in a layer of dust, get rid of it.  If you have anything that needs repaired, send it out to see if it can be fixed, if it can’t you can toss it and replace it. And remember, when in doubt, you should throw it out.  When it comes to those knick-knacks, ask yourself if you really need them at your desk.

Place your frequently used items close to you.  This seems very self-explanatory, but a lot of people use items everyday but they have to search for it when they need it.  If it is right next to you, you will be able to easily grab it to use.

Folders.  Create folders for all of the projects you are working on, papers you need to keep, documents for meetings, etc.  At least you will know that your papers are filed in a topic specific folder that you will be able to find easier.

Go through your desk drawers and clean house.  If you have things in your drawers that you don’t use, are old, contain food that has gone bad, you should get rid of it.  Once you have gotten rid of anything unneeded, you can begin to organize each drawer for specific storage purposes in whichever way you want.

At the end of the day, clear your desk.  This will allow you to get yourself straightened out for the next day of work so you do not have to come in to a mess and can have a clean start to the day.

Put your trash can near you.  By having a trash can near you can easily get rid of unwanted items any time you feel the need.  And remember, when in doubt, you should throw it out.

Use your scanner.  Most likely your department has a copier machine that has a scan to email option.  If you don’t want to keep hard copies of everything, you can scan your documents and save them on your computer for easy access and no desk clutter.



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