2016 Spark Pittsburgh Step Challenge Award Ceremony

Last night we celebrated the winners of the Spark Pittsburgh Company Step Challenge at WTAE Studios.  All participating companies and the top three steppers were invited to join us for an awards ceremony celebrating the many successes the step challenge provided.

Guests got to view the commercial ads that were in cycle throughout the campaign and were also able to view some of the raw commercial footage for the top 3 companies.  All of the companies that participated received a special certificate and the individual winners also won tickets to an upcoming Pens game.

After the ceremony, all were invited to tour the WTAE Studio.  Guests had the opportunity to view the control rooms where every bit of camera equipment and technology are controlled from and the studio where the anchors actually report the news.  Even better, all of the guests were invited to stand in front of the green screen and report the weather.

The 2016 Spark Pittsburgh Company Step Challenge, challenged companies to get their employees moving in an effort to see which company could tally up the most steps. During the six week challenge, over 30 companies completed over 200,000,000 steps. With the success of the 2016 Spark Pittsburgh Company Step Challenge, we can only hope to grow and expand the challenge in the upcoming year and to help make Pittsburgh one of the healthiest cities in America.


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