Our Favorite Natural Products

On Tuesday, we discussed the health benefits of choosing organic beauty and cleaning products. For today’s post we decided to ask a handful of our own employees what some of their favorite organic or naturally made products are. Below is the list we collected.

Norwex Fruit and Vegetable Scrub Cloth


Jonathan Bernstein – Senior Account Manager

We LOVE the fruit and veggie cloth! It gets all of the wax and pesticides off of fruit before you eat it (or give it to your kids!) Even better is that this one cloth costs less than a medium bottle of vegetable spray! You just wet the cloth and wipe off the fruit or veggie. Even the “so called” natural fruit and veggie sprays have chemicals. We have turned our home into a chemical free safe haven with all of the Norwex products.

Get it here.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub


Kaylee Kirsch – Marketing Manager

Now that I’m in my mid-twenties I find that my skin has started to change. It’s less oily and a bit drier than it was when I was a teen and even in my early twenties. That being said, I still find myself having to deal with the occasional breakout along with something entirely new, the dreaded signs of aging!  I stumbled upon this Acure Brightening Facial Scrub while looking for natural skincare products and I am in love. It helps keep my skin clear, doesn’t completely strip it of moisture, helps even my skin tone, and is gentle enough for me to use it three to four times a week.

Get it here.

Bee Lovely Botanicals Lavender & Honey Soap


Sami Melaragno – Administrative & Marketing Assistant

As a woman with very sensitive skin, it is very difficult to find products that won’t cause any breakouts or redness.  What I began to find out was that pretty much every body wash out there in the market was drying out my skin and caused a lot of redness.  While at Penn’s Colony last year, I found a company called Bee Lovely Botanicals, out of Michigan, who raise their own bees and use the beeswax and honey to make all natural, organic products.  My preference is the Lavender & Honey bar which is make with coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter and scented with certified 100% pure lavender essential oil.  It gets a great lather and smells fantastic, plus it makes your skin feel refreshed, clean, and so soft.  The company makes their products in small batches and travels around the country educating people about bees and their byproducts that are extremely beneficial to a your health.

Get it here.

Coconut Oil


Dasha Verkhovynets – Accounting Specialist/Licensing Coordinator

I use it as a make-up remover, especially for eye make-up, as it is very gentle and nourishing for the sensitive skin. Sometimes I also use is as a hair and skin moisturizer, about once per week, especially in the winter. I also use it for cooking with and also adding to smoothies or protein shakes.

Jessica Hawkins – Corporate Controller

As far as beauty products I’m a firm believer in coconut oil and have a lot of friends that feel the same way. I use it as an after shower lotion (can get messy), in my hair about once a month as I tend to dry my hair out with washing it daily, and even in my coffee.

Get it here.

Eufora Hair Care


Bree Leyer – Health Promotions Specialist 

I use Eurfora haircare. The company uses a certified organic aloe base. I’ve been using them for years and have noticed an overall improvement in the health of my hair. I also color my hair and their products have helped to reduce the amount of damage after treatments.

Find a salon here.


The opinions in this article are those of the individual. The above individuals did not receive products or compensation for their review. 


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