Are organic products just a hip trend?

Everywhere we look there are advertisements for organic products: beauty, food, cleaning, etc.  But, are these products actually better for us?  They are typically a bit more expensive, but, if they do allow us to live a healthier lifestyle, they might actually be worth the extra money. Below we have listed a few reasons why adding organic products can be beneficial to your health.

Healthier for you and your skin

There are almost no government regulations from the FDA when it comes to beauty products.  Beauty companies have a lot more leeway when it comes to the ingredients that they can add to beauty formulas. These ingredients can range from dangerous chemicals, irritants, and fillers.  What you put on your skin, including chemicals from various products, becomes absorbed by the body, which can often cause harmful effects in the form of extreme redness and breakouts.

Natural products are made from ingredients that are not exposed to chemical pesticides and fertilizers which means you won’t be absorbing toxins into the body through lotions, creams, or serums. Organic products generally not work overnight like a lot of the conventionally made products do, however, over time these products naturally help your skin become repaired, refined, and rejuvenated giving you healthier skin instead of damaging it further.

Organic products are healthier for you

Did you know, that the chemicals in everyday products can have severe effects on your health? Studies have shown that chemical ingredients in cleaning agents have been linked to asthma, reproductive and developmental issues, allergies, accidents such as burns and poisonings; and common cleaners can be laced with cancer causing ingredients. Studies have also shown the organic cleaning products are just as effective as chemically enhanced cleaning products. By swapping chemical cleaners with organic products, you can cut down your health risk significantly.

The environment will thank you too

Since organic products don’t contain harsh chemicals, you won’t have to worry about spilling products down your drains that can adversely affect water supplies.  Organic companies often use locally sourced ingredients and design packaging that is biodegradable or recyclable, helping to reduce our carbon footprints.  By using these products, you are promoting better manufacturing methods and are helping to put fewer chemicals into the air and water.

By no means do you have to stop using your chemically enhanced products if they work for you and you love them, but next time you go to buy a new product, maybe you will decide to try something organic.  The most important lesson is to take care of yourself and use only products that make you look and feel good.




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