Movie Stars for A Day

This past Tuesday, the employees at Babb, Inc. were fortunate enough to get to film a commercial spot with WTAE. The TV spot comes as a part of a sponsorship that we have taken with WTAE and Innovative Wellness Solutions for Spark Pittsburgh’s Company Step Challenge.

The spot was shot in our Pittsburgh office, the William Penn Snyder mansion. The premise of the commercial is about our WellAdvised approach to population management that integrates health, safety, and financial well-being.  Our goal is to provide services to companies that will improve productivity, morale, medical costs, and absenteeism, leading towards the overall success of the company.

Make sure to look out for our commercial, airing in the next week or so.  For a more behind the scenes look, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for extra pictures and videos.  We hope you enjoy the spot, and look out to see if you notice any familiar faces.

If you’d like to join the challenge, you can click here to register.  Make sure to share and comment, we love feedback!


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