Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Most of us know someone who can’t even begin to start their day without first drinking a cup of coffee.  Why have we become dependent on a source of caffeine to begin a day of productivity?  Our often dependent, consumption of coffee got me thinking about the health benefits of drinking a daily cup of Joe.

After poring through a bunch of different research, I noticed that lot of the studies done on the benefits of coffee drinking had a lot of commonalities (given that you aren’t drinking the sugary coffee drinks of course). Below I have compiled a list of the benefits coffee seems to provide for our overall health and wellness.

1. Coffee contains antioxidants

  • Antioxidants are substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage.
  • Americans seem to get the most antioxidants from drinking coffee rather than from fruits and vegetables, which also contain a large amount

2. That beautiful aromatic coffee smell does more than just wake you up and makes you smile

  • The smell of coffee has been shown to actually lower stress levels caused by sleep deprivation

3. Can lessen or help to prevent many different diseases and protect your brain from diseases that cause irreparable damage

  • Parkinson’s disease
    Studies have shown that coffee can help lessen the tremors for those that suffer from the disease experience.  This would allow them to have more control over their movements.
  • Type 2 Diabetes
    Scientists believe that drinking a couple cups of coffee each day will reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
    Moderate consumption of coffee is shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or decrease the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s
  • Heart Disease
    Coffee may even help reduce risks to contracting or exacerbating heart disease in men and women

4. Alcohol drinkers take note, offsetting your alcohol intake with coffee consumption is great for your liver.

  • Many studies show that by drinking a cup of coffee a day, alcohol drinkers are 20% less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver

5. Drinking coffee makes you happy

  • A study from the National Institute of Health showed that people who drank 4 cups a day were less likely to suffer from depression (This is because of the amazing number of antioxidants found in coffee, not because of the caffeine)

6. You will be a better athlete

  • A cup before a workout gives you a jolt that allows you to perform better (Great before endurance sports like running, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • The caffeine in coffee increases the number of fatty acids that are found in the bloodstream which allows your muscles to absorb them and then burn the fat for fuel to keep going

7. Helps keep your brain healthy and increases your intelligence

  • You are more efficient
  • You have increased reaction times, attention span, memory, vigilance, and logical reasoning

8. Worried about your weight?

  • Coffee will help to keep you lean by speeding up your metabolism and your body’s fat burning abilities, which lowers the risk of obesity
  • Black coffee is the best option when choosing something to drink while watching what you eat
  • Has one of the lowest calorie counts of any other drink out there

The moral of the story?  Don’t let anyone put you down for your coffee drinking habit.  You just may end up living a healthier and longer life.

In case you are looking for some local places to enjoy a fresh cup of Joe here are a few places to check out in Pittsburgh:

  • Zeke’s Coffee:  they serve freshly roasted coffee and baked goods in the Café and Drive-Thru.
  • Tazz D’Oro: an espresso bar in Highland Park, they place a lot of pride in brewing the best coffee and espresso you can get.
  • Nicholas Coffee Co:  located in Market Square, they have imported coffees and teas from all over the world that you can purchase to take home or have a fresh cup right there in the store.

Benefits of drinking tea to come soon.  Don’t forget to leave comments about the post and possibly one of your favorite local coffee shops that we missed!




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