Babb Gives Back: Day of Cleanup

Today, Babb, Inc., in partnership with Allegheny West, participated in a Day of Clean Up in our neighborhood. A group of Babb employers got down and dirty to beautify a section of our neighborhood.  Some weeded and planted in a small community garden, others weeded and laid mulch in the tree wells that line Western Avenue, and another small group cleared an overgrown sidewalk.  Over the three hours that we were out in the gorgeous summer weather, we were able to totally makeover the area.

Babb Gives Back is Babb, Inc.’s community outreach program. Not only do we help our non-profit clients, but we strive to get involved with our community, Allegheny West.  It also gives our employees ample volunteer opportunities.  Over the last 5 years, we have been able to help over 100 non-profits.  Babb Inc., places a strong value on giving back to the community which is why our Day of Clean Up with Allegheny West has been such a big hit with employees.  These opportunities allow us here at Babb to have a positive impact in the lives of others and our local community, which is something we feel extraordinarily passionate about.


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