Summertime Sun Safety

Its summer time which means the sun is out and many are outside enjoying the benefits. While enjoying the sunshine however, protecting your skin is paramount to combat skin cancer risks, sun spots, and of course the dreaded fine lines.  Staying safe in the sun is easy to do, the below list will give you some simple tips to keep you protected.

Not using enough sunscreen is a huge mistake!

  • Slather that lotion all over to make sure you have good coverage.
  • 1 oz (size of a golf ball) is the amount you should use each time.
  • Concrete, sand, water, and snow reflect 85-90% of the sun’s UV rays.

Make sure to wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 15.

  • SPF is a measurement of how well the sunscreen can protect your skin.
  • SPF 15 = takes 15x longer for the skin to begin to burn than it would without any sunscreen.
  • Remember, even on overcast days, you can still receive a sunburn.

Early application is key.

  • Apply at least 15 minutes before you leave the house.
  • Reapply every 2 hours and after sweating, swimming, and toweling off.

Avoid peak sun hours.

  • 10am – 4pm are the worst hours of sun exposure.
  • If you have to be outside make sure you are covered.
  • Do not forget to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen to your face, neck, and ears.

Shade is your best friend.

  • Don’t be ashamed to sit in the shade on hot days, it is the best way to protect your skin.
  • You should still wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

Wear protective clothing.

  • Long sleeves and pants work best to protect your skin.
  • Tightly woven fabrics offer the best protection against the sun, while wet shirts offer little to no protection.
  • Hats with brims all the way around will best protect your neck and ears, but if you choose to wear a baseball cap, make sure your ears and neck are covered in sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses are crucial to protect your eyes from harmful rays and reduce the risk of cataracts, while protecting that sensitive skin around your eyes.

Do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen. Your future-self will thank you.


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